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In India today what we call it a "GOLDEN BIRD" there are few unsocial elements what we call corruption, crime, unsafely, scam's etc. These elements have been increasing rapidly day by day.
There could be many reasons to it, important is how we put a stop to all this which will get OUR country's economy back on track.
India is a democratic country and most of it like progress, safety, security, etc. depends on a political party which means in today's generation, we need a well-educated, loyal towards our country, dedicated and a non-corrupt minister. Hence, I have decided to be with such a party which is none other than Rashtriya Samaj Paksha.

I would like to request all you educated and dedicated towards our country people to give a complete new direction to the Indian politics and help our country progress.

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Our aims to bring people interested and loving politics come together - from all over the India - to establish an online community of people sharing knowledge, ideas, great thoughts, images and other related content.

Free Martial Art Self-defence Cource.
We are happy to inform you that, we are going to organized the Free self-defence course for one day who are interested to join kindly Email to : info@sonukumargiri.com.
Place : Soon ……………. / Date : Soon……………...
Training Details : Basic Exercises, kicking, punching, blocking, defence technique.

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