Dr. Sonu Kumar Giri

a Multifaceted Personality with a heart of Gold

A star in the Indian firmament was born to a humble farmer family. He has completed his schooling in Dahisar, Mumbai.  Sonu is a well educated, He achieved his educational goal and got a PhD degree.

One day, Sonu met Mr. Mahadev Jankar through his elder brother, Sushil Kumar. Mr. Mahadev is an engineer. He devoted his entire life to social work and service to his country. His dedication and keen interest in his work inspired me. Shri Jankar decided to work for the poor people and be fair with the people, so he decided to remain celibate and separate from his family for the rest of his life.
He was deeply inspired by Mr. Jankar, and Sonu decided to join the Rashtriya Samaj Paksha. He was appointed to the post of General Secretary of the North Mumbai District. Later, after a few years of looking at his excellent work, he was elected to the position of President of North Mumbai. Now Sonu is the General Secretary of Mumbai, and he also took on the additional responsibility of being the State Convener ( Sanjoyak ) Of Bihar and Arunachal Pradesh.

sonu kumar giri

"His creative personality needed another outlet: writing; thus, it culminated in his launching a new magazine in Hindi, "Golden India." He got it duly registered with the Registrar Newspaper in India, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, in 2006. He is also the printer, publisher, and editor of the publication.".

"Sifu Sonu Kumar”

In 1990, he developed an interest in Wing Chun Kung Fu, Chinese Martial Arts, thus completed an instructor-level course. In 2002, after this achievement, he played a significant role in spreading the skill of Kung Fu in India.

Sifu sonu kumar

Martial Arts Promoter And Teacher:

Dr. Sonu got a new feather in his cap: he earned the coveted title of "qualified" (degree) in the martial art of Wing Chun from the world-renowned Shaolin Temple, Henan Province, China (the birthplace of Kung Fu). He has the distinction of being a 3rd/4th Generation Sifu (Master)of up man Wing Chun and a qualified teacher of Wing Chun Kung Fu in India. He also holds the very excellent posts of a Director of International Sports Kung Fu Federation, the President of Wing Chun Kung Fu Martial Art Academy- India and to cap it all - the head judge of Association of Maharashtra Kung Fu. What merited this was that in many national and state Kung Fu competitions he won Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.

In 2006, he established his Wing Chun organisation in India, naming it the Wing Chun Kung-Fu Martial Art Academy, and began doing what he enjoyed most: providing free Kung-Fu training to those who could not afford it. In India, this institute is the gold standard of Kung Fu and the best to train at.